More and more organizations are adopting Agile to reap the benefits of exceptional ROI, increased business satisfaction, and higher quality systems.

In this 2-day Agile Project Management course, learn and practice Agile project management development techniques.

Whether you’re about to try an Agile approach such as Scrum, Kanban or XP for the first time, or you already have a portfolio of Agile projects under your belt, this course will equip you to link Agile development to disciplined project management.


What Will you Learn?

  • Agile history, theory and principles
  • Scrum, Kanban and XP activities and workflows
  • Project envisioning, releases, and sprints using Agile
  • Managing multiple releases with Kanban
  • User Story creation and management
  • Release and sprint planning
  • Use of velocity metric to help your team
  • Reporting techniques and feedback mechanisms



Delivery Method: Online

Category: Agile

Duration: 2-Days